Introduction to the New Testament



Introduction to the New Testament is a Christian Education Course designed to introduce the student to the historical events of the life of the Lord Jesus Christ-His death, resurrection, ascension, and the continuation of His work in the world. The message of the New Testament centers on (1) the Person who gave himself for the remission of sin (Matthews 26:28) and (2) the people-the church-who have received His salvation. Thus, the central theme of the New Testament is salvation. The New Testament continues the story begun in the Old Testament. The goal of this class is to assist the Bible student in seeing the content, unity, and progression of the New Testament scriptures.  It is a story of God’s effort to redeem the lost, sinful human race. It is the record of establishing the new covenant. The New Covenant was God’s provision of salvation for lost people who could not save themselves. 


Course Objective



The objective of this course is to assist the Bible student in seeing the content, unity and

progression of the New Testament Scripture. 

The Purposes of Introduction of the New Testament 


  1. Have a deeper, more personal relationship with Christ


  1. An increased knowledge & faith in the gospel message


  1. Possess a better understanding of what we (Christians) believe (doctrine) and why we believe it


  1. Apply the Word of God (lifestyle) to various circumstances in our Christian walk


  1. To come into a relationship with Jesus Christ (salvation)


  1. To apply the Word of God to our lives (application)


  1. To spread the gospel message to others (evangelism)


  1. To train and edify others (edification)


  1. To be conformed to the image of Christ (glorification


Course Outline

  1. Session April 13th
  • Devotional Period
  • Welcome & Introductions
  • The goals for Introduction to the New Testament
  • Overview of the Old Testament
  • The Covenants of God
  • How the New Testament Came to Be!
  • Effective Bible Reading 101


  • How 2 Read the NT
  • Homework Assignment


  1. Session   April 14th


  • Devotional


  • Fact or Fiction


  • How the New Testament Came to Be (Continued)


  • The History & Background of the New Testament


  • The NT Book by Book (Matthew to 1st Corinthians) 


  • Homework Assignment


III. Session   April 18th  


  • Devotional Period 


  • NT Book by Book (2nd Corinthians – 2nd Timothy)


  • Recap 


  • Class Assignment


  • Homework


  1. Session  April 20th


  • Devotional Period 


  • NT Book by Book (Titus – Revelations)


  • Recap for the week


  • Seat Assignment


  • Final Exam/Class Presentations


New Testament Word Study










Church Age-






Dead Sea Scrolls-






Federal Head-


First fruits-




Great White Throne-








Judgment Seat of Christ-


Lion of Judah-




Olivet Discourse-














The Sanhedrin-










Supporting Scriptures to Look Up


Genesis 12 2 Sam 23:5


Genesis 15 Ezekiel 32:40


Genesis 9:16 Ezekiel 37:26


Genesis 17:7, 13, 19 Hosea 14:4


Leviticus 24:8 Hebrews 8:6


1 Chronicles 16:17 Hebrews 12:24


Isaiah 24:5 Hebrews 13:20


Isaiah 55:3 1 Corinthians 11:25


Jeremiah 31:31-34 Romans 8:28-30


Matthew 26:26-29 Ephesians  4:13


Mark 10:45 Galatians 4:4-5


Luke 22:20 Hebrews 1:1-2


Luke 24:27, 46-47 2 Timothy 2:15


John 3:16-18 Romans 12:1-2


John 5:39 Acts 17:10-11

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